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Boomerang Fight is a LAN game in which your objective is to use your boomerang to eliminate other players. Your boomerang will always hit where you point it to go(except when hitting walls, in which case it bounces it back to your character). Once your boomerang hits your target/bounced off an wall, it will ALWAYS return to your character, no matter if it hits a wall or you change your position, allowing the boomerang to move in a curved path.

You have 5 classes to choose from, each with their own perks:

1. Default - Slight boost to each stat
2. Speedster - Double speed
3. Agilius - Animations are twice as fast, and boomerang goes twice as fast
4. Tank - Double health
5. Fighter - Double damage

Using different variations of these classes, you and your team can form many strategies to defeat your foes.


Controls are very simple:

-Right click moves your character to target mouse position
-Left click throws boomerang at target mouse position

 How to play

Firstly, you and your friends need to be all connected to the same LAN network. If you prefer to play over the connected, VPNs are also a possibility.

Upon opening the game, you are greeted with the following elements:

-A button for hosting a game
-A button for joining a game
-An input field for entering the ip you want to join

When you are in the game's lobby, you can then proceed to choose your name, team and class. Team and class must be integers.

When everybody is ready, the host can start the game.

Note: Game can't start if everybody has picked the same team.

Source code can be found here: https://github.com/AndrewIGD/BoomerangFight


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